We are still addressing a few logistics for the tournament.  We will hopefully  have them finalized within the next week or so!

C.V.A  Rules apply -

There will be some ‘leniency’ in the interpretation of the rules (ie. Uniforms etc.)  BUT the Heads of the CUPID Tournament Committee - Paul Thiessen, Michelle Schueler & Mike Clark - have the FINAL say. By registering for the tournament ALL teams acknowledge and agree to abide by the CUPID’s committee decisions.


All participants must be age 19+, and will be expected to sign individual waivers of liability & acknowledgement of the ZERO TOLERANCE ALCOHOL RULE before commencing their first warm-up. You are ineligible for play until this is done.

Any children in attendance at this adult tourney MUST be supervised at all times while in the gyms and area. 

• ZERO TOLERANCE for ALCOHOL on the school property - including parking lots - if it is brought to the attention of the CUPID’s Organizers that an individual from a team has alcohol in their possession on the property then the ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISMISSED from the tournament.
All teams need to act accordingly as this is a school facility and there will be students and faculty on the premises. Please respect the venue so we are able to offer this tournament to the public. If there is an incident at this tournament then the School District will not allow it in the future.
The ZERO TOLERANCE RULE will also include if a team has spectators - family/friends - watching their game and consuming alcohol then the entire team may be dismissed.

SELF OFFICIATING - Like many leagues you are expected to call your own fouls/faults during the games. If there are any major disagreements between teams, then please see Mike Clark.

If major disputes happen then any team NOT playing may be expected to officiate. If asked to officiate you ARE expected to officiate. This is a FUN tournament so this should not be necessary.
FORMAT: 4/2 - Minimum of 2 women on the court at ALL times

Each player is only allowed to play for 1 team ONLY during the  tournament.  You are not allowed to play for other teams nor are you allowed  to play in different divisions.  -The only exception (ie. injury)  to this MUST  be pre-authorized by Mike Clark as well as your opposition prior to the match  beginning.  

• Call own nets and touches.
• Serving out of rotation will result in loss of point as well as loss of serve.
• Please keep breaks between sets to 2 minutes or less.
• Libero is permitted, although not permitted to serve and if the Libero is female there still needs to be 2 female players on the court when the Libero subs off.
• No contact of the net by any player involved in the play of the ball.
• If the ball touches the ceiling the play is over BUT if it goes through the rafters without contact play goes on as long as it STAYS on the same side of the court it was touched last.
• Only players on the roster will be eligible to play in the tournament.
• Keep gyms clean and clean up your own garbage. No food in the gyms at any time!
• Sportsmanship is Mandatory
• Ball can touch the net on a serve
• Setting a serve is allowed
• You may use any part of the body to play the ball
• High Competitive - Net Height 2.34 M - (Jr Boys Height); Low Competitive – 2.34 M (Jr Boys Height)
SCORE KEEPING - volunteer scorekeeper will be supplied for all your matches.
ROUND ROBIN - Best 2 out of 3.
• rally point to 25 with a CAP @ 27
• 3rd set to 15 with NO CAP
• During Round Robin Play it’s imperative to STAY ON TIME so the teams may have NO warm up time. Having 2 gyms may create an opportunity for teams to warm up in the other gym while waiting for the match to end

Who serves 1st? ROSHAMBO - winner chooses either SERVE or SIDE. If a 3rd set is needed, then ROSHAMBO again just remember you switch sides after the first team is to 8 points.

FORFEIT - Once the start time has been declared. A team then has 10 MIN to have the MIN # of players on the floor. If after 10 minutes they are unable to, then the opposition WINS 25-0. They then have an additional 10 minutes to have the minimum # of players on the floor. If unable to then they lose 25-0 again and the match is OVER.
• If in the case this happens to both teams being unable to have the minimum players on the floor after 20 minutes then they have an additional 15 minutes - 35 total - and if they play then they will play a 1 SET MATCH to 15 win by 2. NO Points scored for or against for the 1st two games of the round robin match. The entire match only counts as 1 GAME.

* 2 Separate Divisions are planned but this is dependent on how many teams enter each division.
Ie. If we have LESS than 4 teams for a specific division then the divisions will be combined for ROUND ROBIN PLAY with Divisions - A,B,C etc. For Playoffs:  We will do everything we can to keep divisions separated. Stay tuned!

GAME BALL - to be agreed upon by opposing teams within each match. If not agreed to then CUPID committee will decide (Ie. BADEN ball currently being used in High Schools).

PLAYOFFS - Guarantee of 1 playoff match minimum.
• Best 2 out of 3 - first 2 games to 25 with a CAP at 27.
  -No CAP in 'A' finals
• 3RD GAME is to 15 NO CAP
• OFFICIATING - self officiating - we MAY bring officials in for the FINALS. TBA.
- Teams may be expected to officiate the semi-finals & FINALS. If asked to officiate you ARE expected to officiate.
• Score Keeper supplied for teams
• Line Judges supplied for SEMI FINALS & FINALS of ‘A’ Pool

We will be using the ghost rule. You will be allowed to play with only 5 players (YOU MUST have at least two girls playing). There will be an empty spot on the court that will rotate around (so you will have two in the front row during some rotations) and when the “ghost” is supposed to serve, you will lose point and serve! If a ghost rule is in effect, then your team may be asked to submit a proper lineup (rotation) sheet for the benefit of the scorekeeper and your opponent.
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